ATTN: Hitman Fight gear

I sent you a email a while ago whether or not you send your clothes to Australia and you never replied. Was wondering if you do and how to do it, just on the website?


Dan is the man! I am glad to see you are doing so well as it could not have happened to a nicer person. Congrats!

In two orders, I got 2 free trucker hats, one free T-shirt, and more stickers than I knew what to do with....

My live purchases also got great discounts.

However, my best discout was when my girlfriend did the negotiating!

I stand by Hitman Dan.

Dan, thanks for everything. I also need you to call Scott ASAP. I left a message for you on your phone. We appreciate the support.

Pavia, Ciscone & Associates

TTT for the Hitman`s fight girls to show up at a WEC.

60 usd for shorts... SIXTY? I thought it wouldn't get any more expensive than sprawls...

TTT for some sweaters, Canada is cold.

I'm gonna try those shorts soon.

You make gi patchs? I want a cool GI patch

congrats on the new website Dan it was about time! anyways you need some new fresh designs, i can hook you up with some

What is the chest measurment for your large size rashguards?

Needs new t-shirts

hitman is a very well run company. the first order i made a few years ago was handled in a very professional manner.

my cat is also a big fan of HITMAN

This can't be a real HITMAN thread without pics!