Attn Homebrewers, getting started?

Hey all, wanted to fire a few homebrewing questions out there.

I am looking into picking this up as a hobby, can anyone tell me some basic informaiton as far as a rough start up cost, time, etc?

ANy help would be appreciated.



jonwell?? fullpint?? anyone?

This is the best value on a starter kit that I've seen,considering mine cost about twice as much-


Upgrade to the autosiphon, the thief and the super capper. You can also get an ingredient kit from them, and now would be a good time to start saving bottles.

You'll also need cleaning and sanitation chemicals, so get some oxyclean and a bottle of iodophor. The kit comes with one of the best books on the subject, so be sure to read it before you start. It's got a follow along section on making your first extract beer, and it's quite handy.

Time, shit, besides learning, if you have 3-4 hours to kill on a saturday you can make extract beer. You can take more time with it if you want, but you don't have to.

It's a lot of fun, but don't plan on saving money on beer. It's not about that. And one thing I'm sure you'll hear over and over and over, but always bears repeating= sanitation is the most important part! Clean everything, then sanitize it. The book will go into detail.

Oh you'll need at least a 5 gallon kettle to boil in as well. The blue ceramic coated ones are like 30 bucks.

Thanks jonwell

Definately not looking to save money on beer, more its just something i have always wanted to do. Any other websites you can reccomend?

Yes. The forum at is where I talk shop most of the time, lots of friendly knowledgeable guys, and it's pretty slow paced so you won't miss much. has a lot of info and tutorials, plus the owner posts on Tastybrew. is the web version of the book you get with the kit I mentioned. QUite handy, I still check it now and again.

And man let me tell you... I just had my first taste of a pale ale I made a month ago, and it's so damn good... hehe this is so worth all of the cleaning!

thanks again Jonwell...