Attn: Hoss, Re:J.Wiley

Hey Hoss I know you train with Wiley at the RJJ Club. I had talked to you in the past about coming in and rolling with you guys. I have no experience and was looking for the exercise and experience. Anyways I never did because I started working out of town and it died there.

The point of this thread is that I noticed that Jeff Wiley is coming to a small town close to where I work at now. I think he is putting on a small seminar there I guess. I didn't actually read the flyer but some coworkers were talking about it. My question is do you know what this is about? I was thinking of going to check it out but was just curious as to what it was.

PS. I would read the flyer but it was misplaced at work and so I can't. I'm not even sure of the date but I think it's a week or two after easter. I think but I'm not sure.

call the school for more info, 347-7755.

If your ever in Hamilton you can train with this WILEY at Joslins.


TTT for Wiley and his boys

One last ttt before this thread sinks into oblivion.