ATTN: Iaido, Kendo - SHINKEN!

Hello! Im selling a brand new, never-used Paul Chen Practical Katana PLUS. The difference between the original practical katana and the plus version is that the latter can be taken apart for cleaning and/or personal modification. Also the plus version is 41'' vs 39'' original and has a real rayskin handle and black leather wrapping. Im also adding a Paul Chen cleaning kit in wooden box used only once and that was on this sword.

USD$ 330, free shipping within the continental USA.

E-mail me for more info.


Roberto Kaelin

(I appreciate any ttt's)

Are you sure it's never been used?
I do have access to a woodchipper and am willing to let it out.

I dont understand the woodchipper part of your message, forgive me my English is not so great. To answer your question, the sword has never been used only cleaned once. You can tell the blade is in pristine condition and is very much sharp and ready to cut anything you wish.

Sorry, RobertoK, I was making a joke as a way of bumping this thread to the top of the list.
If the sword had been used, I would think you'd need to get rid of a body. That was the joke.

You should post something on the weapons forum, too. There are many collectors of fine blades over there.

The weapons forum, that's a great idea! I'll copy and paste the first thread there. Thanks, I appreciate it.