ATTN IFC --- AGAIN.. $$$

Lets just say this... I have all home addresses... the address of their booking company and some other good "stuff"  They will be served next monday unless they man up now.

man up Paul you unethical pile.

Maybe your work was not good enough to get paid? Ever think of that!!! I heard ya before kid and your limited :)

is monte cox part of the IFC??

Did you get an agreement in writing ? The amount is not big enough to warrant an attorney. Better to file in small claims court if the person in question owns a home, then a claim will go against their title and you will get paid. If nothing in writing or no paper trail of any kind that gave some indication of a contractual agreement and expectation of payment stated somewhere.

up !




hey did u do a show for us in canton ohio?

BigMike Gourieux

Yes Mike... I tried to call you the other day to see what was up with the next one

dave's just got done with fighting for the ffc and we should be doin somthing in about 10 weeks.... HEY we paid u and more if i do rember!

Mike GOurieux

H2H Combat Challenge

how about a video of the Salt Lake City show?

Ron Krull i hope your jokin

cuz we all know this guy sounds like he just got off his knees (if u know what i mean)


one of the best announcers around and hell of a guy

i hope u get your money back! i will call u soon on details

Ill be waiting sir !

lol @ a video of the salt lake show... from what I understand the IFC lost their booking agent... interested to see where they go from there.


up-----Paul officially sucks


A limerick can often be really funny
when the words are right on the money.
But when none of it fits
it can give you the shits
So please pay him what's overdue sonny....