Attn: Inf0 Re: Fedor T-Shirt!!!

Congrats won! Check the thread, Fedor has a few changes he'd like made to it.

Awesome! grats inf0

LMAO @ the name CreamofKrazyHorse LMAO!!! One of the best ones I've seen LOL


I'm glad that somebody from the UG won! Well, him and another person, BulldogFront. The other winning design:


here were mine:

Card, yes. Fedor hand-picked the two designs himself earlier.

Congrats Inf0! nice job.


I SO wish that he'd picked the Lockjaw Fight Gear shirt LOL

Good thing Bob S. didn't try his hand at this contest.

inf0, I just replied. If you have the original image, I can do a vector trace tomorrow for you, just email it over to me.


Oh ya Inf0 won it!