Attn: Instructors and school owners

Hi guys,

For those of you that do not have your own dojos but are partnered with gyms/clubs that do, what percent of your students fees do you pay to the gyms/clubs? I just want to get a sense of an average,



ttt and note that this is for a black belt instructor with years of teaching experience.

I have a different arrangement, but what Ive seen is 30% to the gym and the rest to the instructor.

Thanks andre, 30% is my guess too but I pulled that out of the air.

I was looking for a starting point that didn't sound completely unreasonable. 30% it is, but yeah, negotiations should come into play around that number. thanks disbeliever.

I give 85% to the gym, BUT I get a free gym shirt and unlimited bottled water, so it evens out.

Wait you guys make money by teaching? Hmmmm Im not sure that I can stick with this "Sport" now. Great I guess its back to table fucking tennis for me.

Who said anything about actually making money? :) Would be nice though. I'm sure shen makes serious bank though. His 85% to the gym is purely a magnanimous gesture considering the grandmaster has affiliates all over the planet.

My humor was really just a ttt of a good thread.


I've rented space from two different gyms. The first one I paid 30%, the second one was (is) a flat rate. The flat rate is better for a number of reasons, the most important being that I have complete autonomy for my business. When I was paying 30% I always had to discuss ideas with the gym. However, what I'm paying in flat rent would have been impossible when I first opened, so 30% was great.

Oh yeah, 30% of tuition only, not private lessons or merchandise sold.

Thanks Matt. I forgot about that, guess it should be written down.