Attn: Instructors!!!

The Techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:
Not widely advertised are the educational qualities
of this book . It is constructed as a classroom text
book . The moves are divided into the positions
possible in a ground exchange making up the chapters .
The chapters are divided into sections such as Attacks
, Escapes , Sweeps , Guard passes and Counters . It
also includes some Demos of some movements that are
basic to facilitating techniques , like Scoot your
hips . This makes it very easy to Reference and find
moves . The book also includes a Lesson plan ,
explaining to the student , how to build his own Cross
References in the provided margins . More than just
techniques pictured it is a powerful study aid and
reference guide to add to your curriculum . Dogs of
War is now authorized to offer Academy owners and
Instructors a wholesale price for Quantity's to have
on hand for your students .
.......Caleb Mitchell , NHB and Submission Grappling
Champ . "I tell my students to buy Monte's book . I
have taught classes right out of the book".
.......Nick Diaz , UFC fighter , NHB ,Submission
Grappling and Sport Jiu-jitsu Champ . "I took Steve
Heath's book [Steve is in the book] and have kept it .
I have referenced the book in planning classes I have
.......Dave Kujawski , Owner and instructor of Gracie
Jiu-jitsu of Minnesota [Cesar Gracie Affiliate]
"Starting Jan.1 2004 , the Techniques of Brazilian
Jiu-jitsu will be a required text book for our new
students in our Academy taking Jiu-jitsu classes".
........Dogs of War , pricing for boxes , quantity of
#9 per box .

Ok, send me a copy so I can see if I want to order it for my student . . . ;)

Me too



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