Attn: iPhone users. I'm new to iphone

Couple of questions. First what's the benefit of the UG app, opposes to surfing it regularly off the web. And secondly, when I view the forums in frames and scroll down the iPhone makes the thread and posts all scroll. My old Palm Pre I could scroll down the thread but the different threads would stay where I left off. Is there a feature for that?

Best feature is the WFA! Phone Post

Wrong! Both questions are related not just to the UG but the site. Please sit down

iPhone app makes browsing the forums far quicker as there isn't any ads to load. Plus it is much easier to read.

Dunno about using the site via the web browser I'm afraid. Phone Post

still looking for a way to scroll the thread and not have the entire page move under the old frames version of the UG

Once you go app you never go back! Phone Post

Ok I just went app. So I log in and click on subscriptions and it kicks me out of the app everytime.. What do?