attn is tyson the best writer

Write now Tyson is to much of a question. I thought he would kill lewis but he looked like he was not even trying.Tyson of old would have riped lewis or holyfield apart.
Tyson has not been the same since he broke things off with his old trainer.Alot of people blame it on prison or on his ex wife but it started befor eather of them.

Next up roy jones jr and his chin.
I am realy getting tired of people saying he has a week chin it was one ko one in how many fights?
And did you see the hit?COme on one time of getting koed and all a sudden he is washed up?

Who does Tyson "write" for?

"My defense is impregnable..."

Hi grimnight12002, how ya been since you been back from Iraq?

I think it is a combination of things "starting" with getting a different trainer. I don't think he has a weak chin, but I think his fighting now is more of an anger with "stuff", than what it used to be for.......