Hi to all of you guys.I would like to take this oppertunity to say HI.But the reason i would like for you guys to read this is simple.This message is for the boys at shut up and fight,JT Macarty,and showdownfight wear.I would like to invite all of you guys to our next MMA GALA on DEC 20 here in MONTREAL MECCA of CANADIEN MMA.We would like to say if you are coming to our show tickets will be waiting for you guys and you won`t wait the long line up that will be at the door.Tickets are on me.It`s time that we all stand together and show all of canada what true MMA fans are all about not only as Promters or fighters but as simple Fans who love a adore this sport.Please contact me at 514-977-3472 or e-mail me at

ttt for a very classy gesture


classy move... ttt for Canadian MMA

You have mail sir...:)

i got no e-mail from you joe try again


I'll e-mail you tonight, thank you very much for the invite.

Take care,


Any site for the event?


Great talking on the phone today.

You have mail.

We'll see what the Showdown Team can do to work around our family christmas schedules and come out :)


My e-mail is