Attn: Jake

Any chance you will republish these gems:

1) The complete book of boxing by curtis cokes

2) Boxing by Edwin L. Haislet

3) Shoot Wrestling by Yori Nakamura

4) Championship Fighting: Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense by Jack Dempsey

Maybe you could make a 3rd boxing encyclopedia and reprint Nakamuras' book.

I definitely think that would be a good idea, the isssue is one of time. I have a number of projects in the queue right now but I will add it to the list :)

Jake is there anyway you can release Aso's stuff?

Let me see what I can do. :)

Can you release Aso and Fujiwara's stuff with english translations or at least english subtitles? Maybe you could program the DVD's to give us a choice for either original track or english voice overs.

Hey Jake while your at it can you wipe my ass and sing a lulaby to me so I can sleep????

I am pissed though, I spent a shitload of money to buy some of Aso's stuff through Budo videos and it doesn't work on my dvd because I don't have a zone 2 dvd.

Have to play it on your comp.  I had the same problem.

I have a copy of Haislet's book I bought on  Can't remember how much it cost.

I think there might be a pretty big market for the Dempsey book.

Thanks kbits, I'm getting my freind to do that for me tonight, thanks.