ATTN: James Irvin

You are a fuckin SHLUB yes a SHLUB....Shine one of your own fans on cant even say a word..If I could I would beat your ass..but since I cant I will just laugh at you for loseing to a reality show star.

U are a jackass, I vote for a ban, SKID

What does "Shine one of your own fans can't even say a word" mean?


I'll pass that on next time I see him.

If it was at the KOTC maybe the fact that he was cornering Uriah Faber had something to do with it, you can be a little busy when you are getting the main event ready. Or maybe he saw your man crush was a little scary and tried to ignore you.

? Whats going on around here?

I see him at the gym almost daily and the guy is cool, maybe he was busy or preoccupied....or, maybe he could tell you were type of guy that would run home and cry because a dude didn't drop everything and have a creepy conversation with you

james is cool. he is kind of a quiet guy. lol at you beating his ass if you could. now thats a threat!