Attn: Jason Kendall

Seriously, bro?

You are hitting behind the pitcher, Ben Sheets, who has a .077 lifetime BA.


I saw that he threw out a runner though. how did that happen? did the baser runner trip or something?

Fukudome broke for third on a ball in the dirt.  The ball bounced up and hit the batter (Soto) and landed right in front of Kendall.  When Fukudome broke for third DeRosa (who was on first) broke for second and was standing on second base with Fukudome stuck in no-man's land.

I don't understand how it's so hard to put your best hitters at the plate more often than you bad hitters.  I mean, Kendall isn't much but he's certainly better than Sheets at the plate.  The Cubs insist on batting literally their worst hitter in the lineup (probably even worse than Zambrano, actually) first (Theriot) which bugs the shit out of me.  So he gets to go 0-5 and look at 20 pitches on the day.  Ugh.

Worst reasoning for a dumb strategy I've ever heard, read, or seen in my life. Not even Phil Garner was this crazy.

"Because over the course of a season, the #8 hitter probably gets around 75 fewer at bats than the #3 hitter."

And the #9 hitter is going to get even fewer. Kendall happens to be leading the league in hitting so far, so it would stand to reason that maybe you'd want to get him more at bats before he comes crashing back down to reality and is back to hitting .260?

Career .297

lol the Kendall haters, grab a clue

He's doing it to get three real hitters up before Prince hits (who's hitting third).  It's working, so STFD.You have ignored this user.

It's working?  Really?  So, tell me, how many times has Fielder knocked in Kendall this year to make you come to the conclusion that this is working?  Is Fielder on pace to break RBI records because of Yost's amazingly intelligent lineup?

And while you are looking that up...look up how many times the #8 hitter has come up with runners on base and not driven in a run for the Brewers.

Career .297

lol the Kendall haters, grab a clue

What does Kendall's lifetime BA have to do with him batting ninth?  If anything, wouldn't his .297 lifetime average tell us that he should be batting anywhere other than ninth?


runster is talking silly sht and no he shouldnt be batting 9th