Attn: JayRoc

Jay it looks as though I'll be making my pro debut against Darren Apels later in the year. I noticed you on another forum seeming to know a bit about the guy he beat in his debut, Jim Dobson. So do you know where I can get some video/pics of Apel's fights or anything?

I've searched and can only come across one pic from his loss to Maurer.

Geese Jones

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TTT and good luck, Geese.

Thanks a lot guys, it's looking like August-September, so it's still a few months away. I'm just curious about his style, it's always good to have a mental reference for a fight lol.

Thanks again!

Yeah he's 6'8", 230-240, so he's got 2 inches on me but he's about 50-60 lbs. lighter. The guy he beat in his debut, Dobson, is 0-2 as a pro and was 0-2 as an amateur...Then Apels lost in his second bout to a LHW, when he was being GNP'd and asked the ref to stop. I've also heard about his training regimen which...seemed a little lacking lol.

Sounded as though both guys were able to take him down pretty easy. So we'll see! Thanks Jay!

Yeah but Jay, he's a Vancouverite while you and I are Torontonians, so clearly it's a natural east coast vs. west coast thing lol.

Yeah the Valimaki fight must have been amateur, although I can't come across any info on Apels as an amateur.