attn jeff rockwell

hows it going? i understand you train in state college. i am in williamsport and train with a group of guys who are fighting in events in jersey delaware w virgina etc.

anyhow, some of us are looking to better our bjj. do you run a gym in state college? we would like to check it out and possibly make the trip up a couple times per week. do you have a web site? pricing? times? thanks.

fullofbs thanks i'll check that out now. uh, wait, i'll have to borrow my son's myspace password first. (i never thought i'd need a myspace account) :).

Hey man, you guys are more than welcome to come down and train anytime.  We train 4 nights a week, Monday-Thursday at Titan Fitness in State College.  Tuesday is no-gi night; all other nights are with the gi.  Shoot me an email at if you have any questions that aren't answered on the website.  BTW, this week our hours are altered for the holidays; class will be starting at 8pm all week.  Hope to see you soon!