Attn: Jeff Young

Hey Jeff,

Any chance of you doing an interview with Koncrete Kelvin Davis? He filed for bankruptcy, and then the IBF stripped him after his fight with O'Neill Bell fell through. Then the IBF did not even have the decency to rank him in the top five! He just re-signed with DKP.

IMO he is one of the more explosive fighters in the sport, and it would be interesting to see what is going on with him. The Davis brothers are a great story.

Ususally Ray Campbell does the interviews with Davis. I have not seen one from him for a while though. I see what is going on and if Ray has anything from him recently. I do not do many interviews, and the ones I do I get on my own instead of going through Greg. I do have an interview lined up with Kingsley Ikeke that i will be doing on Saturday.

By the way I believe that is one of the first times anyone has ever put something to my ATTN: before, and I have been here since around 1996 or so.

There seems to have been some shady stuff going on: Davis filed for bankruptcy and then DKP was trying to get him to sign some type of multifight deal with them which he did not want to do. Next thing you know his fight with Bell is off, and he is stripped. He loses an appeal to the IBF which cost him 10 grand. The IBF has ranked him in the lower part of the top 10, guaranteeing he is nowhere near a title shot.Then he re-signs with DKP because that is probably the only way he can get close to a belt again. I think Duva co-promotes now?

The fact that he won a belt after being trained by his brother and with only a few amateur fights is pretty impressive. He used to be a football player.

Your article on Bobby Southworth was a good one.

I didn't even know anyone read the Southworth interview. I had to edit it down a bit because it was so long. That guy could talk.