Attn: JJprogear - White MKM Koral?

Why can't you get the new Koral MKM line in White? Not the black-lapel and black-pants version, but the Comp legal all-white version? I have it in red and think it's the best gi ever (and I have had about 2 dozen gis).

After using a bunch of different colors for a while now I'm going back to WHITE. White gis are the only ones that keep looking great after repeated hot washes.

Seems odd that one of the premier gis in the world isn't available in the most standard color. Even Jacare had to get them custom patched for the Mundial.

XgRd- We will have the new Koral MKM competition series Gis ( White, Blue end Black ) in stock here in USA by end February.

It takes some time to add new items ( in this case 3 new products ) at the production line. Today we are making 11 different gis plus , Gi hooded Jackets ( 5 colors ) BackPack ( 3 assorted colors) , Duffel Bags , Monster Bag , belts , Vale Tudo Shorts T-shirts and many others products,and they are all made at our Factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our number one priority is Quality Products, in reason of that we have to plan very well our grow.

We have Jacare and others team members wearing them at the Mundial and at Pan Am 2004 to get a feed back from friends and customers.

There is also two MKM Camouflage gis schedule to be release between March and April.

I will keep you post!

Great, thanks for the info, can't wait to get my hands on some White MKMs.. and maybe even a camo.

TTT for JJprogear service!

whats the difference between MKM and the normal one?

The differences are : different colors , more patches ( 5 patches total )and a slightly shorter pants .

I can't wait for the new MKM gi's. I have the red one and I love it! I wan't the other colors.

TTT for Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear.

what does MKM stand for?