Attn: Joe Lauzon

Hey Joe, give me a call at 781-316-5220 or else email me with your number at I want to hear what happened from you directly because I'm gonna speak with Leo (the commissioner) if he is there Saturday night and I want to have my facts all in line. Also, do you remember who Florian was fighting last year when he popped that kids shoulder because of "questionable understanding of submissions" on behalf of the official?? Thanks Joe! and thanks to those of you who keep this up there till he gets it.

Kevin MacDonald




Kevin, Im in class right now. Ill give you a call around 10:30, Ill leave my number if I dont get you.

bobby mcandrews was the guy florian was fighting.

Eblum and Kimber make Rita look like Big Jon McCarthy

seriously, has steve rita gotten better?

he's alright - he actually responded to my criticism

I emailed you Kevin

McAndrews tapped forever before the ref stopped it. This is getting crazy. On top of the shitty reffing that impacts the match ie dave gilrein getting stood up 3 times during his fight, twice while he had the guys back, and was working a choke, and once when he was fully mounted with 15 seconds left in the round. I understand if they are falling out of the ring, but they weren't tangled up, and the fact that they were stood up impacted the fight more than being near the ropes.....anyway...on top of that (and that was one of many examples) fighters are getting hurt when these guys ref. The admit they have no idea what's going on when the fight hits thr ground, and it's only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured. Ryan was out forever after that choke. There is no reason a guy should have to choke someout out, then sweep them, and get up so the ref can see the guy is out. This is fucking ridiculous! This is my first post about this, but I've fucking had it!

Kevin-Good luck with your talks, and if there is anything we can do to help, let me know. I know a petition is gay, but we may need to get something like that going so these guys realize how much the fighters, and anyone who understands the sport hate some of their refs.

These guys train way too hard, and it's not fair that they should have to deal with incompatent officials.

I smell a huge write up coming.


I gaurantee that if certain members of the local MMA community ran an unsanctioned event, it would be run 1000% better than anything the boxing commission has offered

Hmmm? did 't that happen already biggie?