Attn: Joe Rogan, You're an idiot.

"and I felt like Fedor got exposed a bit"

Exposed as what, human?



Jesus christ, just when I think you are an intelligent guy, you prove once again you are as fickle and ridiculous as the ufc fans at buffalo wild wings..

I love buffalo wings.


Why "what", you think because you made me calm down that Joes gunna let you suck his dick?

Because newsflash Pendejo, it isnt gunna happen!

Thank god you made a new topic to share your oppinion in this matter, There's not a thread about this already!

Then go to that thread dickface..You arent getting paid to click here..

TrainJudo I think you could have used more tact when selecting the wording for this reprimand, no?

He got busted up by a relative nobody in the division. But there was really nothing about him to expose. Fedor's weaknesses have been known since he started fighting. It's just that he's good enough to overcome people exploiting them on a consistent basis.

He works for the UFC. What do you want him to say? Make that money boo!

I thought Joe prided himself in not being a sell-out..

Maybe I was wrong.

He can have an opinion..

And if that was his real opinion, my opinion is that he is an idiot.