Attn joe rogan

With all of your kickboxing and jiu jitsu experience, how come you have never given it a go in the cage? Not saying you would want to make a career out of it, but you always mention in your podcast about challenging yourself to learn things about yourself...and by the way I'm not trying to be cunty just curious Phone Post 3.0

Joe has said a few times he didn't want to risk brain injury. I have also heard him say after he started Comedy he realized he wasn't "in" 100% and in fighting if your not all the way in you are going to get hurt.

I can't speak for Joe but I don't think he feels he has anything to prove in that regard. There are many ways to challenge yourself outside of hand to hand combat. Phone Post 3.0

He could fight Tim Sylvia in Maine. Exhibition match Phone Post 3.0

El Capo CRE 500 - It'd be difficult to match Rogan.

Outside of the UFC there aren't that many legit challenges for him.
Well played Phone Post 3.0

Imagine how bad Snipes' career would have tanked when at 0:40 into Round 1, Joe wheel kicked him in the head for a KO.

He talked about it many times on the podcast.

From what I can remember he was getting headaches from kickboxing sparring and since there wasn't real money in the sport - he picked comedy instead.

It was an intelligent decision at the time, but I would imagine he regrets never stepping in the cage.

Because hes smart? Why would anyone fight if they didn't have to?

rockafella - Because hes smart? Why would anyone fight if they didn't have to?
Let people punch you in the face for maybe $250,000 a year (Joe is a little bit older so I assume this was the high-end back in the day) or talk about people getting punched in the face for several million a year.

It's a tough choice but I think he chose correctly. Phone Post 3.0

rockafella - Because hes smart? Why would anyone fight if they didn't have to?
I started fighting because I wanted to conquer my fear of it. I haven't made anything from it but a little more confidence, but I didn't have to Phone Post 3.0

He's a millionaire, and has money coming in from the UFC, comedy, his online store, and podcast i guess?

Why would he risk getting knocked out in front of up to a million people, especially at his age.

He would probably need to train full time, and as a father, with a few different jobs, it may be tough to fit in.

At this point he is also probably too old, 46?