Attn: Joe Rogan

How did you keep a straight face doing Fear Factor with Tyrone Biggums? I'm sure it must of took a while to shoot those man that was some funny shit. For anyone who is wondering what i am talking about - (Tyrone's Fear Factor)

hahaha good stuff.

Joe you rock keep up the good work for MMA and FF.

My feet are strong!


no, this is the ug


I just started watching this show recently. Great stuff. One of the funniest shows on TV.

By the way, Joe, why did you wear rubber gloves on Fear Factor with the Hagfish last night? You pussy! :-)


"lol...chapelle is a genius"

Genius? Hmmmm...

My favorite part is...

*as Joe Rogan unleashes all the worms*

"I don't know if I can finish all those worms Joe Rogan..." *scratches neck*

Yah chappelle is great..

Joe Rogan: these coals can burn up to 1000 degrees...

Tyrone Biggums: God damn... (scractches neck)


We cracked up a lot. There were a lot of reshoots :)

Chappelle is a funny motherfucker.

yes, yes he is.

Thanks for responding, i can only imagine you two together must of been a trip hahah.

I love that show