Attn: Joe Rogan

You should make a thread "Attn: Mike Goldberg"

Joe's broadcast partner is in charge of all sponsorships and handouts.

If by chance you are a young gorgeous girl, then this is Joe's department.

Carry on.

There is internet cafes jaydub maybe his shelter has access, or libraries.?? just a thought.

Very Smart BzGrappla. I use the public Library

dude if that crap heppened to you, that sucks but grow up!!!!!!!!!!! quit begging and take ownership of your own shit!

don't take offense to this (I definitely feel for you in your life situation. You've been delt some tough cards and I'm assuming you must be tough to get through what you have) but I was curious why you picked Joe Rogan to ask for help? Is Joe known for his humanitarian efforts?

joe rogans crazy

Gordon's post is sage advice ... that being said...

I'll bite.

Boxingfool2004 ever thought about coming to NJ near NYC. I may have a situation for you. I've owned my own ( OPEN 7 days a week )MMA/Combat Sports gym for over 3 years now ( a full time endeavor)... I'm currently working 2 part-time jobs (Gym teacher and Technical advisor) and a part-time business (Kids after school MMA and fitness classes) to keep it going and to provide for my family. My wife is lazy (j/k) with only one full time job (hair stylist) and a part-time business (Hair-stylist/make-up artist for photo shoots and weddings). My 6 year-old daughter has successfully operated her first Lemonade stand for a profit. I tell you all this so you know that I'm too busy to waste time with someone who is not sincere. This will not be a handout, it will be an opportunity... the rest is up to you.

Was that dramatic enough?  I can never tell?

I need you to email me at for details.



Ok, in the spirit of Xmas. I will cover bus fare one way or gas (if you have a car)or I will drive you there. Pick one and I will do this after Xmas. I am driving to New York this Thursday if your ready.I dont know Eddie personally but if he says he is willing to help I will help the guy get there. Now no excuses!!.

joe ancona has a live in gym, and jobs in the bar underneath, but hes in new orleans

maybe you should get in touch with him


ill let you get a little fluffer practice on me

Fluffers!!! LMFAO! That shit ain't right.

GH is a wise man. I respect Boxingfool for such a bold move, but Joe shouldn't be put on the spot. We shouldn't take advantage of his prescence here.

Addressing Gym owners is the best idea IMO. Best of luck Boxingfool.

I have new found repect for Gordons wisdom. He has spoken the truth.

TTT hoping for a good ending (or beginning)

I am working with boxingfool2004

I have him an apartment(very cheap rent) with a room mate...I have him a job lined up...I got him to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and Boxing with myself at my gym.

I have guys constantly coming in to test my students and myself. Bringing in top guys for seminars.

Welcome home to Wisconsin Boxingfool!

I will take care of you bro.

Fearless Goat

It's finished now lets get on to the good stuff. Barly pop!!!