Attn: Joe Rogan

I know you're pretty damn busy but if you could take a minute out of your day to send me an e-mail to I'll like to get your help in some fundraising for charity.

Also...Back in the early 90's I used to work for a comedy Chain here in Canada called "Yuk Yuk's" owned by Marc Breslin, Danny Silverman, and Donnie Coy etc etc.

I too argued that Dennis Leary ripped off Bill Hicks, many a day...except...I'm not funny.


yeah, and send me an e-mail, too.

I know that you are busy but I'd could use some help around the house cleaning up my lawn.

Just consider it charity so that way if I ask you publicly you feel guilty about not showing up with a rake.

anyhoo, I like Dennis Leary's show "Rescue Me" - best work he's done yet.


I've seen AlwaysInjured's lawn. It's his own damn fault it looks that way. Don't listen to him!


...maybe if AlwaysInjured mowed it once in a while it would look better...

hahaha! More seriously, ttt for your charity.

Good luck with it.

Thanx man!

However, I still saw what you were doing out back of the house with that lawn rake!

There are many great lawn sports:

Croquet comes to mind for example.

Bocce is another. Some people even dress up to play the game!

Molson Lawn Darts IMO

Some places even like to play that old favourite game, "Chase the Pig.".

Speaking of pigs, what was the name of that pig on the old TV show "Green Acres?"

Oh yeah, it was Eva Gabor.

Anyway, back to lawns.

Some lawn games are fun and simple, like "Chase-your-sister-with-the-hose."

I wonder if she mows her lawn wink wink

I hope you are talking about Eva gabor and not my sister!

Dude your timing with that pic sucked.

Not my timing, no way.

Games that are bad on the lawn include: