ATTN Joe Silva: Maldonado vs Mexicutioner

Come on Joe Silva, how bout pairing those 2 LHW zombies for the first ever LHW UFC zombie title. Those 2 have no quit in them. Just give them a main event 5 rounds fight on Fuel TV and start counting money.

Honestly I think Maldonaldo would beat him pretty bad Phone Post

Now there is a fun fight!

Fabio Maldonado vs. Wagner Prado makes a lot more sense.

^ I think you're missing the point.

Oh shit!

What a fight! Phone Post

TTT. Let's do this Joe Silva Phone Post

Beltran is fighting Anthony Perosh (spelling?) At UFC on fx 6. But it would be a hell of a fight both guys can take a beating but I see Fabio wining by being a much more technical boxer Phone Post

Do IT!!!