Quick question. I had Hazlett a part of some parlays on Bodog and I just checked my account to see if they put the money back in my account or not. So far they still have my parlays as being open and haven't deposited my money back. Just wondering what happens if a fighter's fight is cancelled like that, never happened to me before. Will I be getting my money back?

Also, what do you think of the Volkmann vs. Thiago fight?

 If , one of the individual plays is a "push," or cancelled then the parlay is still on for the remaining plays. A three play parlay would become a two play parlay; a two play parlay would become a straight bet, with corresponding reductions of the payoff.

I need Thiago small on the company side of the counter, but not crazy about it. It;s a no bet fight for me, but will be cheering for Thiago against my usual tendency to favor wrestlers..