Attn: John Alessio

Aloha John please email me about fighting in Hawaii April 17, 2004 and putting up the KOTC belt along with the Ring of Honor Belt against Ron Jhun. I'll run it by Terry but don't see a problem with it he was willing to do it for Rumble on he Rock

Both of these guys are great fighters and deserve to be in the big show. But im not sure if a rematch is neccessary. The first fight wasnt that exciting. Juhn kept getting taken down and nobody really came close to finishing although Allessio earned the obvious decision. Most annoying part of this fight: the frequent stand ups by the ref. I dont think I have ever seen a 15 minute fight have 10 stand ups or more like this one did. I think the 3rd round alone had about 5. Let's see both of these guys against some others in the weightclass. hopefully they each get a shot in the big show as I think both have proven they are top contenders.

I know refs normally do that if top man is not doing anything

both good fighters. Neutralized eachothers strengths. It was boring. I would like to see them fight someone else.

Blue has caught the correct.

by the way , if they are gonna fight for all those titles, you might as well throw in , Champion Pimp, biggest playa, and strongest 170lb fighter in the world.

I think that I might see him tonight, so I'll pass along your message.


Alessio is the man. His stand-up skills are amazing.

Well, im not trying to get into an argument here, I am not a rep for Allessio or anything, but I was at the fight. John wasn't doing that much damage from the top, but he did pass guard two times that I remember. All I am really saying is that is you take someone down, you should get some time to work, and if they stand you up, and you score another takedown, they can't just start you up again 20 seconds later which is what I remember seeing in the third round. I know people wanted action, but Juhn wasn't able to launch an offensive attack from his back or on his feet either. I guess my real gripe is with how fast the stand ups occured. Not just in that fight, but there were a few questionable ones that entire night. The way I see it, it might take you 1 min to take a fight to the ground, 2 minutes to pass the guard, another 2 minutes to work into a better position, and then another minute to finish from the mount. We'll the round would have been over by then and the fighter may have been constantly working for a better position like the scenario I described goes. And no, I'm not relating that to the fight in question, I'm just saying in general often times we don't get to see what would have really happened in fights if they let guys roll a little longer.

I like John and think his a great fighter and person.

Maybe it would be a great idea for rematch to put the questions away. Jhun Vs. Alessio for two belts would be awesome.


I let John know about this link last night. He said that he would check it out as soon as he could.




ttt for a response from John Alessio.

Everybody a rematch between me and Ron could happen but $$$ is what i want for a rematch! I admit it wasn't the most exciting fight, but don't blame all that on me i took Ron down lots, passed his guard, tried to pound on him but he did a great job of neutralizing some of my attacks. I cut way to much weight for that fight, i came down from 197 lbs to weigh in at 169 lbs, i was exhausted before the fight started. Ron never really tried to push the fight it seemed he was happy getting takendown lots.

How about me getting a UFC shot i've beaten CHris Brennen, Ron Jhun, Eiji Mitsuoka, i'm KOTC superfight and welterweight champ, former UCC welterweight champ and my record is 17-6-0 in nhb, with only 3 decisions in 23 fights.

John Alessio vs. Chris Lytle would be a good start.

Allessio vs Jeremy jackson??

Hopefully you get a shot soon... I'd love to see Alessio in the UFC.

sounds like both Alessio and Jhun belong in the UFC... maybe not for the belt but a rematch in the UFC sounds like it'd be a more exciting fight than their first...

regardless, i'd like to see both of these guys in the UFC... or getting chances at bigger venues...

John how can you say you passed gaurd you only passed when he went for a submission. You say Ron liked being taken down it was that you talked so much SMACK about standing in you're interviews posted on the internet and how you're striking was better than his and that you was goin to KO Ron. You basicly laid and prayed and did nothing but hold the arms. I remeber you even saying at the weigh-ins are ready to bang and Ron saying somebody getting knocked out. YOU KNOW IN YOUR HEART THAT YOU DID NOT ENGAGE IN THE FIGHT AND KEEP BACKING UP UNTIL HE CAME HARD AND YOU SHOT and LAYED there. Given that was a great gameplan and you deserve to win Ron just lost his sense trying to KO you. 9 out of 10 times Ron beats you easly. Email me about the fight purse whatever it takes I'll make it happen.

John I relayed the message to Ron he's willing to fight you for free and give his purse to you. All you have to do is show up or sign the contract!