Attn: Josh and Rhadi

How did you guys stay motivated when you were injured and unable to train? My wife is a very competitive runner, but has sustained two pretty bad injuries back to back. She is getting pretty down and wanted to know what kinds of things you do while in rehab. Any one else who has been injured please respond also.

Thanks, Pete Pelter

some people will cross train in something that doesnt hurt when they are injured. so, if you are a runner and injured your leg-- take up swiming. who knows-- you might become a triathlete.

personally, judo is a great sport to study, and when im injured and laid-up i really watch what others do in randori, how they pull off their throws, set them up etc.. tons of world tapes too... over and over and over.

that, and i eat. boy. do i eat. =)

tell your wife that she needs to find something else. she might want to take up weight training or swimming or cycling until she is free and clear to run again.

Thanks Josh. I'll let her know. Hope things are going well for Nationals.