attn joshua


just wanted to lend some moral support with your post about nationals...i can relate to the disappointment and evaluation of all your training and goals...

my last tournament was 96 nationals to which i did not place, which was drastically different from the year previous where i fought for 1st in my division..

i went through a big evaluation and had to turn my back to judo for a bit to determine why i should continue...and i came back to judo in a much different light and my study now is much deeper, thorough and complete...

joshua, as i have discovered, it is not as important as to what lies at the end of the road, as to the journey that we take on that road..that is where the real pot of gold exists...

seeing your post and understanding the circumstances just reminds me of this even more...

i hope to continue reading your imput, seeing your passion for judo and perhaps, one day, even meeting you in person and learning that cool move (dimelo?)..

congrats on your expectancy and the very best to you and your wife,


wayland pulkkinen

thanks. =) and, you are right. i will step back somewhat for a bit. im trying to find out whats my next step and how to go about doing it the right way. for now, getting over the dissappointment i feel is the main thing. being focused on the baby sure helps with that, at least i know for sure what my future holds-- a wonferful family. =)

People like Resnick don't need gold medals when they already have hearts of gold. I'm so proud of the accomplishments you've made and even more proud to have you as a friend....

I agree and I haven't even read the post. I just know Josh and that is all
you need to understand what he posted. come to class kid.



lol@"I agree and I haven't even read the post."

Dream Weaver,

Wayland is more than right in saying that life is more about the journey than the destination. You're going to be producing something in the next few months that's much more special than any hardware you'd get at a Judo tournament.

But, if you look back I think you'll see that you've picked up a few things along the way that will have more impact on your life than a good Dimelo. 1) Two awesome nicknames (from me) 2) your own band of brothers 3) respect for yourself and respect from a lot of other people 4) memories that will last a lifetime.

Now you can get fat like me.