Hey bro, I was thinking about the passage you quoted on another thread:20For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse......Could this be taken to mean that ALL things are of God's Divine Nature? The filthy bum begging for change, the prostitute propositioning you, the preacher counseling someone, etc. Aren't all of these things part of God's creation and, therefore, Divine? This could be likened to the phrase "All is the Tao". This means, literally, that EVERYTHING is the Tao. Even all the ugly dirty things are part of it, not just the shiny pretty things we like to see. Does that make sense? SCRAP

I do think that everything in creation works for the purpose of God...this is very true. I do not think that means nessessarily that God wants bums to continue being bums, or prostitutes dehumanizing themselves into objects oof gratification. However, I think that all of those things have a place, and all things in nature work together for the Good purpose of God.

So all things in creation have some aspect of divine contained within them, so yes. I think I would agree. I am going to the gym in 5 minutes, so Im going to contemplate this tonight. Hopefully I will have some insight to add tomorrow.


God is the source of all power. The power to do good, the power to do evil, the power of life, the power of death. So all power, all things that are done ultimately, whatever I do, the power to do it comes from God.

So, yes, you are correct. Thats something I've only recently come to realize. If we try to see God's light in all people, then they all become special, unique, creatures that we can take on an individual level.