ATTN JR and Howardo -anybody

I Have Herniated disc c5-c6 ,c6-c7 since 3 years agoo.
And had severe muscle neck sprain..
1 year agoo one day out of the blue ,i just got some extreme lower back pain and since then my back has never been good...i didnt injure my back..

And i have (had) really strong body ,i use to lift weights 3-4 days a week for 7 years.

My lower back gets very fatigued when i bend forward for 5-6 seconds..
Lets say now in the gym i can do seated rows with 180 lbs -8 reps,but cant do back extensions with 20 lbs for 8 reps without being really fatigued in my lower back.

I know that when doing back extensions i only use my lower back opposite to seated rows where i use most of my body..

Same if a guy gets side mount on me ,i cant do shit because my lower back gets fatigued lite i walked for 100 miles, while if someone gets the mount my lower back is pretty ok.

Any advice to make it stronger..
Any one recommends cortisone???????or will it weaken the tissue.

I already do back extensions,hyper ext or good mornings ,work my abs,strech my low back and my hamstrings...
I spend a lot of money on prolotherapy and it didnt do shit for me.
Also did MedX and fuc**d it upp even more ,it took 2 months to get back to normal (and by normal i mean fuc**d up like before)but still much better


Tell me what happened with using the MedX equipment.

Does not sound like cortisone will help, any pain or radiating symptoms?

JR - I did MedX 2 times a week with prolo and on the third week my back started to hurt,the guy told me no more MedX because i will sprain in even more..and we should not do any more medx for back..

The guy that did MedX on me ..worked together with the creator of nautilus machines long time before.

Howardo - No radiation...just fatigue..weakness


Oh yea forgot,i dont have pain when walking running or skipping rope..

Just when i bend forward,or with some moves on the ground ,cant do takedowns like single double lower back gets extremly fatigued after 2 minutes.
The worse is when i try to do escapes from side mount..cant do it my back is dead.....

I do not know the cause, does not sound like a disc or injury