Attn: JudoMonk

Ron, are you in Hawaii now? How are things going out there?

I am in Honolulu right now and I am training bjj with Relson and judo at the Tokai with Derrick Kerr. Things are going good. I am constantly surprised at how nice everyone is out here. The days are warm. The women are short and brown. I keep waiting for the surf police to show up on my door and kick my off the island.

I was supposed to start work for a law firm out here doing paralegal work, but that fell through so I am mostly working on my tan. I have not visited many clubs yet, but Hodokan and Shobukan are on my list. I am going up into the mountains to a bjj club next Tuesday. The judo people in class are a little young for me to feel completely at ease with. They still look like they should have bedtimes and doing homework.

Some of the club members went to the Ladder and fought well. I think some of them might end up going to the US Open as well. I will keep you up to date when I can.


Cool. Glad you're having a good time.