ATTN K-1/Shotime/Pro Elite

I want my money back.

Me too, and I didn't even pay for it.

Fuck. First 90 mins and I saw a whole 3 mins of fights.

The DJ = Garbage.

Fat Dancing Girls = Garbage

Taking fighters to the ring in a cart = Garbage

Making the corners ride in a golf cart = Garbage

The parade of fighters = garbage.

I was there live and it was awesome. Akward and tacky and just

It seems like they are just putting on a show for Japanese tv. Are they dumb enough to think all the American MMA fans really want to see Dennis Rodman, drumming, and that goofy dancing? If you're gonna do it, at least not on the pay per view.

It also locked up during the Gracie fight. FOr 3 mins plus.

I was there live.  The shit was dope.

Poor Johnny Morton got destroyed.  Royce/Saku was the biggest let down of 2001 - 2007.  The reality is that those guys are not 5min round fighters.  They need more time.  It was strategic but boring.  & I though Saku won.

I was there. the fights were awesome the production sucked.