Attn: karasu: Smart tumbling routines are not just for humans!

It seems tumbling is not just for humans and lemurs but that robots also engage in this traditional form of exercise.

I’m sure some insufferable curs will try to shoot the tumbling robots from their fatmobiles as they imagine the AI OVERLOARDS coming for their guns, Budweiser and carbon intensive beef hamburgers.

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well fancy that!

I wonder after they have made American SAFE Again by Liberating Her of the GUN$ Threat that these Robots will then replace the PEASANT wageSLAVES along with providing those peasants with some UBI so that they can Finally Live the GOOD LIFE too just like the UpperCrust!

Also I would like it to be KNOWN and RECORDED in the Records of the Internets that I am one of the FIRST Non-Robots Humanoids to SUPPORT ROBOT RIGHTS!

Do robot rights extend to the rights of Japanese SEX ROBOTS?

If things go south, is the robot able to TAKE HALF after contributing NOTHING to the FINANCIAL STRENGTH of the household?

I assure you if the robots were designed by American women the the female robots would be coming for half of everything once they plan to trade up!

well I’m sure the Robot Citizens will SMARTLY Logic that out!

I can see you have seriously researched this matter LOL

so what conclusions have you reached?

While it may seem like I have deeply researched these matters I honestly have only explored them while OGing simply because I find the topic of teh sex dolls and robots a hilarious OG topic of discussion. Thus I have reached no conclusions but I will continue to keep an eye on what the AI OVERLOARDS and SEX ROBOTS are doing to reshape the world.

^from that fascinating video you shared it seems that women will find them a threat to their INEQUALITY ADVANTAGE and subconsciously a replacement threat to their traditional feminine position while they externally sought LIBERATION of tradition, I.E they want all the benefits that come with wifery without the responsibilities required in wifery, such as sandwich making.

from this we can observe that women will manipulate “Robot Rights” into the creation of Gender Neutral Non-Human(cultural appropriation) looking robots which will pose no threat to their INEQUALITY ADVANTAGE, so essentially the women will enjoy a ROBOT SLAVE along with a HUSBAND SLAVE to achieve FULL LIBERATION