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I have one quick question and i can't find where i wrote down your email so ill ask here.

-Does your bjj program include wrestling takedowns as well? I was told some bjj instructors teach it but all of them.

I hear Wagneys wrestling is real good!

Yes. In our no-gi class Wagnney teaches wrestling takedowns. Wagnney has really good wrestling, and imparts the value of having good clinch work, shots, and defense.

Wagnney wrestling is good and all the advance no-gi players from Karma see value in takedowns. If you don't your blind!

im not sayin their not any good, i was asking cause im tryin to decide btw learning pure wrestling or bjj (and if bjj covered the takedowns, which is all id take wrestling for, then id do that)

Take BJJ as opposed to wrestling. In BJJ you do takedowns and fighting from your back, mount, side mount, throws, leglocks. What's the use of wrestling a guy on the street if you can't choke him out, or submit him quickly. Wrestling is extremely good but in a real fight you want to be able to submit him or choke him out. Wrestling is good for takedowns, ground control etc... but there are no actual submissions. Also in wrestling you dont do much defense or offense from being on your back and it happens all the time so you'd better be schooled in fighting from your back (guard).

Sorry if I offended any wrestlers, this is just my personal view.

"If you don't your blind!' I didn't direct this to you futureprodigy. It was meant more as a general statement for any sub grappler.

Those who join BJJ at Karma also get Thai for no extra cost. Thai is 4 days per week. Drop by and try a class of each. for a schedule of class times


I look forward to start training at Karma next week!

Awesome, hope to see you soon.

Having wrestling knowledge is a definite must know in anyone's grappling arsenal. Add strikes to that and you have a complete package. Anyone who doesn't have that wrestling will be a complete disadvantage. For SW, you must know both wrestling and BJJ so train both. Not one over the other.