ATTN Kashk, or anyone from Karma

I'm back in ontario for a couple of months, So now I need to know where you tricky little tricksters move the club. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone :)


PigdOg, first off it is no longer called Karma, This Location is Wagnney Fabiano Jiu-Jitsu. Second,we are really close to the "old Karma" location. We are now located at 133 Turbind Drive , M9L2S7 (Mapquest it), that is on the Southside of steeles between Pine Valley and Weston.


email me at

sweet, thanks brother. I'll be up as soon as i can, When does wagnney return?

Wagnney will be back soon, in the Meantime Bocek and others are filling in. If you can believe it our club has gotten even more talented.

I wouldn't doubt it for a second man

welcome home Mat.

Fabiano reigned absolute in -65.9kg

Fabiano working on Mendonca's backs

Fabiano taking Ribeiro down

The fighters who are 'in' ADCC 2005

[edited to add captions and 4th pic]

YES!! who is he up against there??

Hey dom, how have you been?

Been good thanks!!
I am covering Saturday afternoons along with Joe(tex) while Wagnney's away. Hope to see you in a gi and bring a copy of your fight, I would like to play it at the club.


Unfortunately the dvd wasn't made when I left and as for the's been a long time since I've worn it. I may bring it out of retirement. Maybe...