Sent you some mail sir. Call me or e-mail me back when you get a chance.

Sorry super busy now will get back to you over the weekend.

Joe,KashK is super busy responding to every other post of every forum known to man! My old job!!!!Just kiddin!

I'm confused!!!

Josh...a simple yes or no to each one of my questions will suffice.

I did not get any mail from you Showdown.

Four e-mails sent to

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please get a hold of me a.s.a.p.

He's too busy spanking people in ping pong!

hes busy spankin it alright!!!!just kiddin!

KashK's got Ping Pong game!


Please get a hold me a.s.a.p. I just left you a phone message.

It is very urgent sir! Please.


If anyone is around him, can you have him contact me please.



** Yawning **

I called you and have yet to get a call back.

showdown email me at

Damn. It's like Sleepless in Seattle. Will they ever meet????

If so, I got $10 on Showdown getting to 2nd base on the first date.

That boy is smooth.


I highly doubt you called. My phone has been on for 24 hours since Feb20th, due to my cousin awaiting the birth of her next child. So NO, you have not called me.

And if you did, I have voice mail.

No bet. If he's got the 'now and later gators' on, I figure him for rounding home!

But, seeing how tough just a darn phone call is, makes me better understand why all that 'world peace' ain't shown up.

JHR, make things right. Go call the chicken wings.