Attn: kevkaley2768 a.k.a. BIGMOUTH

Hey, what's your address? Not your e-mail address but your home address. What state are you from? What city are you in at this very moment?

Winter Park,Fl. Who's asking and why?

9 post in 1 year and i have a big mouth. LOL

Although I do not personally know DTucci, I can assume that your disrespect for Pat Tillman, an American Hero, has something to do about his curiosity.


I have never disrespected Pat Tillman in anyway? The guy is now 1 of my hero's. I suspect he has something to do with fightsport.


Then what did you mean in my Official Pat Tillman RIP Thread?

If you are "clearing the air", I thank you for that;)

I emailed Ryan Young, the guy who wrote the article.

I was under the impression that kevkaley was referring to the guy who wrote the article slandering Tillman for joining the army. I did no think he was attacking Tillman when he made that statement. Why would he email Tillman knowing he is dead?


I think that KBreezy is correct, but you should really communicate more clearer, especially when Pat died for our country. A few people from my post misunderstood you, as did I. Apologies accepted and thanks for clearing the air~

No i was a paratrooper in the Army and i would never disrespect him for what he did. I tried to post my email to Ryan Young and his response, but you have to be a member to post html.

How would i email somebody killed yesterday?

in that case i apologize too. i thought you were referring to tillman.


Thanks for serving with the 82nd Airborne Division. It's now obvious that you meant no disrespect to Pat, but if you review your post, it was not clear to what you meant and called someone a "dumbazz."

Ahhh, misinterpretations cause problems, and that's why there are wars in the first place.

But anyways, thanks for serving in our military!~

I still don't understand how somebody thought i emailed Pat Tillman? What is this some sort of initiation? Somebody give me their email addy and i will send my email to him and his response, you have to be a member here to post html.

His response is rather interesting, he sounds anti-american or something.

yikes, this thread is still going and going and going like the Energizer Bunny~

I see now the mods must have combined threads, cause the article is gone now. I guess it was my 15 minutes of fame.


Please accept my apology. I am guilty of jumping to conclusions and of letting my emotions cloud my common sense. My mistake is that I responded to everyone else's reaction to your statement instead of reading it for myself and making the connection to the article. I thought that you were saying that you e-mailed Tillman when he decided to enlist and called him a dumbass. NOW WHO'S THE DUMBASS?!

Again, I extend my apologies and respect. *SALUTE*

misunderstanding, folks!

DTUCCI give me your email addy and i will email you what i wrote Ryan Young and his response. The guy is a complete whack job.