ATTN Khun Kao

Please read the PM I sent you...


and you please read my ANNOUNCEMENT!

I just read it, I also still request you read the PM I sent you. That is all

I did read it and I've responded both in my thread and via PM.

not to make this sound like a love-fest, but I responed, you've got mail :)

Thanks, Dave

please read your PM..

Hahahahahaa, own3d.


Team Sinha

"take it to the other thread/smack my face" (tm)

Jump Kick, keep it in the one thread, you know the rules... break the rules and actually you'll just make me happy, because they'll kick your sorry arse out of here....

Jump Kick & tedfornes, the rules apply to both of you as well. Keep your problems with one another in the "Death Match" thread or your threads will be frozen and/or posts deleted.

KK, I am responding to Ross' behavior. If he gets away with posting and his only recourse if to have that thread frozen, but yet it remains alive for all to read his lies, I will do the same. If his post about me is deleted, I will follow suit ans contain my responses to the death match thread. Thanks for being even handed about this.

Ross would be happy of I did not expose his lies, but it will continue on the death match thread. Ross has broken the most rules, so if anyone's getting banned it's him.

I am done with this thread. Ross, if you want to play by the rules stop posting about me on other threads or you're gunna get banned.

-Sinha Magic