ATTN: Kipp Kollar (1 more time)


I've e-mailed several people with this problem. I sent you one last week but haven't recieved a response yet. I know you are busy, so I thought I'd post it here as well in case my message didn't get to you or got overlooked.

I have fight statistics from the 2004 Budweiser JJ World Cup under "Andrew Nelson Chapman" (No-gi Intermediate Middleweight). For some reason I can't get the information combined with my account so that it will appear on my profile. I don't care about the points from last year, I'd just like to see the stats on my profile. Any help you can provide on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

Andrew Chapman

Andrew-I'll make sure the issue is corrected by tomorrow. I've emailed RANKED.


Thank you.



Andrew, it's been corrected. You had two IDs and email addresses in the system. Take care.


Everything looks great! Thank you so much for your help!