Attn: Kipp Kollar

Hey Kipp,

Do you have any dates set (or at least in the works) for this year's New England Championships?

I have a student who is trying to set a date in September for her wedding, and wants to make sure there is no conflict with her or any of the rest of our team being able to compete and still attend the wedding. 

Thanks in advance,

Adam LaClair


Thank you to whoever made this stay at the top!!

If anyone sees Kipp, please let him know about this thread, thanks.



The tentative date is 9/11/2004 but the venue has not been confirmed. We are planning on using a new venue and will probably not have confirmation until a month from now. It will definately be in September.

Thank you, Mary.  Please keep us posted as you find out more!!



So, per the latest NAGA schedule update, it looks like November 13th is still the tentative date.


TTT for confirmation!


All set