ATTN: Kipp Kollar


Please contact me when you have time regarding the NAGA event in Feb. !

I have tried to email you 100 times, but none of them seem to get through to you.

Talk to you soon,

Dustin Ware
614-288-0398 (Cell)

Hi Dustin,

I just saw this post. Did you try emailing Kipp at That is the correct address. He is in the process of booking flights now. Have a nice holiday! -Mary


I have tried to reach him, from both my own & Andrea's email address... but I will try again right now. Please inform him that we are still very interested in coming down for the event.

If I dont hear back from him aftre the Holiday Weekend, I will just give him a call on Tuesday to get some details. Tell him not to forget about Andrea & I :-)

I hope you all have a safe & merry Christmas!

- Dustin  (

I am home tonight Dustin watching Pride - PLease give me a call