Attn Kirik; Forum rules question

Resend the # Will. TTT Jon

Heres a link to my original post that can now be found on the OG regarding the thread...

Hughes=RickyBobby/GSP=JeanGirard? I hope the link works

Nothing wrong wiht that all for the UG. TTT Jon



TTT for the identity of the frog lover! Just like a frenchman to run away and hide

Do we even have a list of all the mods?

If so, maybe we can try some deductive reasoning


Let me know the thread title and I will v happily move it back. These things are v subjective often, and I am v happy to see this as a good UG post.


I have no idea what happened, and I was going to move the thread back
but then I thought that might create more drama. Then I forgot about this
thread. Glad to see Kirik is taking care of it.

BTW Jon, Blow Out is a great show, my wife loves it!



Justice prevails, thanks Kirik and the rest of you guys that helped out with the TTT's... Strengh in numbers, VIVA LA RESISTANCE!!!!!!!!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Jon

Watches thread die, after all that work.

It was the principle.