Attn Kirik Legit Question

Who giving birth to Smurfs?

Before Smurfette were all these Smurfs smurfing each other in the smurf?

I mean you got an all male population like San Francisco but somehow there's a Poppa and all these kids. Where Momma?

I think we all know Vanity Smurf is a straight up trick. 

Hefty always shirtless and flexin them blue nuts. 

I seriously think the Smurfs and He-Man kicked off the gay and trans revolution. 

Is it any wonder the Smirfs movie starred Neil Patrick Harris a known pederast?

ThePundidiot -

Dude. God created them. Wtf do you think happened? Was about 2000 yrs ago

I think this cartoon introduced me to bears, twinks, transgender cross dressing, and all sorts of gay indoctrination including an old fag that lives with a cat. 

Of course I get nothing from Kirik. Ignoring long term paying customers who have legit concerns is not a good business practice. 

Unigender Smurfs were brought by the stork before Smurfette. I know this after getting schooled in a Smurf argument by my gf. I totally agree with you that the Smurfs started the whole genderfluid trend. We should write a book.

I always thought that Smurfette was a long con by Gargamel. He created her as a trap, we all know that, but then Papa Smurf supposedly magically made her a real smurf... but no, I think that was just all part of Gargamel's master plan so that Smurfette could get past getting found out for the first time as a Gargamel plant, I mean fucking obviously there was going to be a ton of scrutiny on her so in order to get her REALLY embedded he planned for her to be "fixed" but she has still been an agent of Gargamel all along subtly destroying the Smurfs from within, causing all sorts of fucking problems every episode.

Hours later and still no Kirik. He absolutely does not care about legitimate issues.