Attn: Kirik. should have a "Fighter Finder"

Like Sherdog has. That would render the shitty site obsolete, since the only reason I go there is to research records and what not. Not to mention, would be much more accurate with fighters' records, and other info.

 Stats up above in the boxes IMO.


Ha. Nevermind. Never knew that was there. Is that a new feature?

ahhahahahahahaha at this thread

Attn: Kirik - This site should also have a discussion forum.

Anek - Attn: Kirik - This site should also have a discussion forum.


Go f*ck yourselves. I never knew there was fight finder on here. I do now. Is it new, along with the new format, or have I benn ignorant all along???

 Perhaps one forum that is for MMA discussion and one that is for "other" discussion?

I'm never gonna hear the end of this...

 Yes, It`s new and I don`t think that your the only one who doesn`t know about it.Just to fill you in....MMA.TV bought the FCF fighter database.

Good to know. Thanx bro.

and updated the hell out of it!!


What about a gear and equipment forum? I think that would be great. On the mma board any discussion of gloves, gi's, books, shorts etc drops right to the bottom. We need a g&e forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A boxing forum! What's with you haters not having a boxing forum? Inferiority complex?

I want a judo forum!!