Attn: Kirik or Chris

I sent messages as well as email to your accounts. I know you've been busy, but this is important (to hmb) LOL.

I am a man of my word.

Sending that email is like putting on a Thundercats custom zipper mask and handcuffing yourself to a brass pole at a NAMBLA meeting

Irrelevant scenario. I'd never wear a Thundercats mask.

Merrill, you make that move to Austin ever? 

Supposedly May 9th

I'm going there for a bachelor party April 11th, I'll let you know how it is.....

where will you be? house party or downtown?

*edit: change 'our' to 'or'

We got a hotel on 6th street and will be out downtown the whole weekend.  I just forget the name of the hotel.

Ha! that's the spot. enjoy yourself.

Thanks...we'll keep it sleazy for sure.


again. cuz i'm a man of my word

Please don't speak to me, Crook's Hubby. I saw her first.

Greg, you have mail.

will I be cool when my name is EastStLouisCungGuzzler?

If this is for a screen name bet let me know what you want here please?

Just to be clear, it's not what I want per se. But what I agreed to. My name is to be EastStLouisCungGuzzler if you will approve that.

Email me when it is over Mr. G :-)