Attn: Kirik or Other Admin!!!

I have a Personal Pro membership, but can't get access to the parts of the Forum I'm trying to (read: the Tapout Forum)!!!! What's up?

you dont have a pro membership if ur name appears as black...

O.K., I paid for a pro membership, but you're right . . . I don't seem to have one. It was working just yesterday.

E-mail sent. Thanks.

I had the same prob, emailed him and it is fine now

me too...

Same thing happened to me. I emailed Kirik and he was fast,
polite, and very professional. He's doing the right thing by
treating "patrons" with respect. Thanks again.


mudnamer! :)

" He's doing the right thing by treating "patrons" with respect."

Dana.....take notes

Gabe I sent you and Kirik an E-mail.Please respond.



I just paid for my membership last month.It can`t be expired yet.