Attn Kirik

So Crooklyn was nice enough to make me blue, but for whatever reason im not showing blue on my posts. All of the functionality works (searching posts, Tapout Ground) like a blue, just still have this crappy mud on my name. Can you help a brotha out?

Yes, I have logged out and logged back in.



I just checked your account and you are indeed a promember. You just need to account into your site settings in the Account Menu and change your posting color.

Change to blue, save, logout, login...

 go into acct -> edit profile and change your posting color.  you should have an option to post in blue


woot woot. who needs kirik when you have all of these helpful people. : )

It fits nice, thanks.

lol. posting pictures is another mountain I have to figure out how to climb.

Go Yankees!

yes. please share your secret.

double post.

Click on "HTML" you'll see how on the menu bar.

ahhh shit!

 Thanks all for helping out. I was at the gym getting a headache.

what a coincidence, I was at a bar getting a headjob!

 You heard post some boobs