I kind of feel like Tara should do a "win a date with Tara contest" for the UG, where you guys send in videos to the UG we all vote for top 3 then Tara picks the one she wants to date out of the 3.

She is hot, can fight, cooks and cleans. Fuck what more can one want.

KIRIK make it happen! 

Jerzey -  OMG!  LMAO... this thread blew up!


Jewnior- LMAO!!!  Actually, I'm game.  I'd do the date thing.  I need something interesting to happen in my life... I'm bored with all this MMA all day, every day thing.  I need to get out more!  I would do that... let the UG select a video, or videos... OMG!  This would be hilarious!  KIRIK MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! 

 ummmmm ok

look at the link, I did not put this together well, lol

Jewnior - look at the link, I did not put this together well, lol

 You certainly did not.


Reality.jpg picture by TheDropper 

 If she is game I am game. I will pay for the beer and pizza. Also a sling for anyone who gets too frisky :-)

 I was figuring it would be like the Party with Dana White thing

More UG epicness..

This could get good and props to Tara for being a good sport with this.. lol

win a date w/tara...

on the road w/shonie.....

an ongoing series of homegrown fights that is the uggp.....

whats next? this place rules!