Attn: Kirik


Please check your email. It is pretty urgent regarding a fighter showing up as suspended in the database and possibly not being able to fight because of it.

I emailed you the details and hope you can check this out asap.



Been on it for a few minutes. Should be cleared up within the hour.

Maybe try

 All set

Instances like this make me realize Kirik doesn't get enough credit. Great guy and always on top of everything.

Kalin is correct.

Kirik deserves A LOT of credit. He is always quick to help me when needed and I appreciate everything he constantly does.


This always seems like the quickest way to reach you. I sent you an email the other day and haven't heard back. I know you are busy and probably stressed out preparing for the server change.

Please reply to my email when you get a second.


suess -  Voted up, Kirik :P

Thanks Suess